Sachin Tendulkar to smash Steve Waugh’s Test record

INDIAN batting ace Sachin Tendulkar will become the most-capped Test player in history when he takes the field in the third Test against Sri Lanka later today. Tendulkar will overtake former Australian captain Steve Waugh when he walks out for his 169th match in Colombo. The 37-year-old has also played 442 one-day internationals, just two ... More

Record-breaking Tendulkar cherishes journey

Among all of Sachin Tendulkar's achievements over the years - and there are too many to be recounted - going past Steve Waugh's world record of 168 Test caps must rank pretty high. To have been considered good enough for India for so many matches, to have been fit for so long, to have outlasted almost all his contemporaries. Suresh Raina, ... More

Tendulkar’s absence a blessing in disguise – Afridi

Shahid Afridi,  Pakistan's captain for the upcoming World Twenty20, has said that Sachin Tendulkar's absence from the Indian team for the tournament will be a blessing in disguise for the other sides. "The way he has blossomed in the last few years, he is only getting better and better as a batsman. If he is not playing for India in the ... More

Tendulkar glow helps Mumbai shine

In his 21st year of international cricket, Sachin Tendulkar has been in superb form - runs have flowed in Tests and ODIs and now the Twenty20 format. His innings at the Kotla on Wednesday encompassed all that is brilliant about the man - not just in the manner of his own batting but in how it influenced Mumbai Indians, both necessary ... More

Sachin Tendulkar: Little master

He is an adored symbol of the new India who this week rewrote cricket's record books yet again. Only Don Bradman outranks him as a batsman, and his astonishing career is far from over Sachin Tendulkar's story is the story of modern India, the India that 60 years after independence is emerging as a major power and producing iconic ... More

God helps people like Sachin Tendulkar: Saeed Anwar

I always thought 200 was possible, particularly because of the way pitches are laid out these days and also the poor quality of bowling at the international level. I’m actually surprised why players like Brian Lara, Sanath Jayasuriya and Sachin Tendulkar did not break the record earlier. I don’t mean to say that Sachin’s 200 came ... More

Tendulkar’s finest ODI performances

143 v Australia, Sharjah, 1997-98 India are chasing Australia's 284, but more importantly they need to score 254 to beat New Zealand on net run-rate, and make their way to the final. Single-handedly, Tendulkar takes India close to the cut-off when sandstorms disrupt the play. Just when making it to the final looks difficult, Tendulkar not ... More

India’s proudest possession : Peter Roebuck

By Peter Roebuck Sachin Tendulkar has been playing top-class cricket for 20 years and he's still producing blistering innings, still looking hungry, still demolishing attacks, still a prized wicket, still a proud competitor. He has not merely been around for two decades. From his first outing to his most recent effort, a stunning 175 in ... More

‘Sachin Is Cricket’s Kohinoor’

Here I was sitting in the stands and watching Sachin Tendulkar unfold his genius. Time and again I thought, has there been a better batsman I have watched in my life? I couldn't think of anyone, not even Viv Richards. Tendulkar is cricket's "Kohinoor". Nobody comes remotely close. Tendulkar looked a man possessed in this match. I have ... More

Allan Donald on Sachin ‘The best batsman I’ve bowled to”

There's Steve Waugh and Brian Lara. And then, a notch above, there's Sachin Tendulkar Allan Donald I had been watching Sachin Tendulkar on and off before we (South Africa) were readmitted in 1991. People were always talking about him so I was aware of what we were going to come up against, and I remember Craig McDermott telling us that ... More