Sachin Tendulkar reveals how he identified the leader in MS Dhoni

While many may put up hands to call themselves important in Mahendra Singh Dhoni successful run as a captain for the Indian cricket team from 2007 to early 2017, the veteran wicketkeeper reckons that Sachin Tendulkar played the most pivotal role in his selection for the role. And in the legend’s recent interview in Breakfast with Champions, he revealed how it might have actually happened.

Host Gaurav Kapur reminded the viewers and Sachin saying that MS Dhoni has always referred to the Master Blaster as a huge supporter in him being the leader of the Indian Cricket Team.

Recollecting those days, Sachin said, “Whenever I used to be fielding in the slips, I would be discussing with him, constantly, about the fielding positions. I would place my opinions and then he would place his and it was during these interactions that I picked.”

Gaurav jokingly said, “Dhoni may not have realised that Sachin was actually taking his job interview.”

During the interview Sachin also talked about his early days of cricket, specially meeting Sourav Ganguly during his under-15 years. He recalled how he and some teammates flooded Ganguly’s room while he sleeping. Sachin also revealed that he used to call Ganguly ‘Dadi’ instead of ‘Dada’.

Sachin was part of the team that lifted the 2011 World Cup and finally got his hands on the trophy.


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