Sachin Tendulkar says Kuldeep Yadav, Yuvendra Chahal will be ‘Key to India’s performance in overseas condition

Sachin Tendulkar said that India’s wrist spinning duo Yuzvendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav will be key in their upcoming away tours considering how lethal they were in the recently concluded ODI series against South Africa. “When it comes to batting, we speak about the number of runs scored but we are also winning matches because during those middle overs where the two wrist spinners (Kuldeep and Chahal) are bowling which is obviously heart-warming because one did not get to see wrist spinners much a few months back,” he is quoted as saying by PTI.

Chahal and Kuldeep have accounted for 33 of the 51 wickets that India took throughout the six-match series that India won 5-1. “I think they have been bowling well in tandem,” said the batting great, “I think it is fantastic because that is something which the rest of the world is yet to figure out how to play them. They (rival teams) are trying to figure out what are the right options to score runs against them. What is the right option to survive. What are the options to – how do we block and those kind of things. But before they figure out we should try and win as many matches.”

South African coach Ottis Gibson said that while the Indian wrist spinners have been effective, their success may be temporary as South Africa have a “a whole year to learn to deal with that stuff” and that it won’t be spinning much in England where India will be touring later in the year. But Tendulkar believes that the duo will be effective regardless of the surface they are bowling on. “I firmly believed that the wrist spinners can add lot of value as they are not dependant on the surface. It is about what you do in the air and you have varieties bowling leg-spinners as well as googlies. Of course, during our days, bowling doosras by off spinners was common,” he said.

Tendulkar believes that Chahal and Kuldeep will be crucial to India going into the 2019 World Cup. “I think those two bowlers – Chahal and Kuldeep – are going to be key factors. In fact, when Kuldeep made his debut and bowled the first few deliveries in Dharamsala, I posted a message saying that he has got a bright future and that is something which can help us go and perform well abroad,” he said.

Article Source : Indian Express

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