When Tendulkar got emotional!

In an interview to Gaurav Kapur in his show ‘Breakfast with Champions’, Tendulkar has revealed that he was emotional in his final Test in 2013, when his mother came to watch him play.

“That made me emotional. The rest of the people had seen me before, but my mother was the only one who had never seen me play ever; never ever,” Tendulkar said.

In his illustrious career, which spanned for more than two decades, Tendulkar had asked his family not to come to the stadium to watch him play. “I would tell them that even if you come, hide somewhere. I have to focus on my game. Even, Anjali (his wife) would never come to stadium,” Tendulkar said.


In India’s tour to Australia in 2003-2004, Anjali had attended the Boxing Day Test in Melbourne, where Tendulkar was out on the first ball. “She just got up and left. She never came to watch me play again. Then she came for my last Test match.”

Tendulkar’s emotional speech after the final Test in Mumbai in 2013, had left the cricketing fraternity spellbound. And Tendulkar admitted that he decided to carry a bottle of water so that he could have it, if the throat ‘dried up’.

“In middle of the game, Dhoni asked me to stay away from the huddle. I knew they were planning something . That moment it struck me (that I was retiring). It was emotional,” Tendulkar said.

The Master-Blaster also revealed how, during his under-15 days, he and his teammates used to flood Sourav Ganguly’s room while he was sleeping and his bond with Virender Sehwag. “I have batted so much with Viru that when the entire world thinks he will not hit, he will definitely hit.”


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