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Tendulkar thanks Gavaskar for letter written in 1987

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Tendulkar recalls how a hand-written letter from Sunil Gavaskar helped him get over the disappointment of not winning MCA’s best junior cricketer award

The letter…

Dear Sachin,
I wanted to write earlier but something or the other came in the way. Then I thought it better to write at the beginning of the new season rather than at the end of the last season.

Congratulations on your performance last season. What was most impressive was the way you batted alone when the others around you were not contributing much. Keep it up.

Also please do not neglect your studies. My experience is that education helps you through bad patches in whichever career you choose.

So go ahead and God bless.

Sunil Gavaskar.

PS: Don’t be disappointed at not getting the Best Junior Cricketer award from BCA. If you look at the past award winners, you will find one name missing and that person has not done badly in Test cricket!!

It was in August 1987, little over two years before he made his international debut that Sachin Tendulkar received one of his most prized souvenirs.

It was a letter written by Sunil Gavaskar to a 14-year-old budding cricketer who was disappointed not to have been adjudged the best junior cricketer, by the Mumbai Cricket Association.

Tendulkar, who will complete 20 years in international cricket in 48 hours from now, still can’t thank his idol enough for personally writing in to him.

“I remember when I didn’t get the best junior cricketer award, he sent me a hand-written letter,” Tendulkar said during a function to felicitate Gavaskar and Gundappa Vishwanath on the completion of their 60 years.

“A hand-written letter by someone who I worshipped, that too at that age helped me get over the disappointment of not winning the award. It’s important to get right advice at the proper age.”

In the letter (left), Gavaskar cited his own example of missing out on the best junior cricketer award in the 1960s. Tendulkar was hugely inspired by the feats of his fellow Mumbaikar. And Gavaskar time and again has indicated that he is a huge Tendulkar admirer.

“When I scored the 34th Test ton, I think Sir (Gavaskar) was in Nepal. In the evening, he called to wish me. When someone who has been your hero, whom you’ve idolised, makes an effort to wish on your achievement, nothing else can be bigger and better.

“When I scored the 35th (ton), Sir told me: “Carry on from here on. Don’t stop”. I am trying to do just that.”


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