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Sachin Tendulkar to find pride of place in Don's Bowral

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The Bradman Museum in Bowral, which has evolved into the International Cricket Hall of Fame, is planning to install a statue of Sachin Tendulkar on its lawn, not far from the Don’s sculpture. Tendulkar was inducted in to the Hall of Fame two years back.
The new complex, which was inaugurated bySunil Gavaskar in 2010, houses the Hall of Fame, which has six galleries. The first one is called ‘The Game’ that explains what cricket is about, both the rules and its intangible ‘spirit’.
There are touch-screens to demystify, leg cutter, yorker and out-swinger and explain what the umpire’s hand signals mean.
You can even try your hand at different batting strokes and bowling techniques and position players on an interactive fielding table to see how strategy can win or lose a game.
There are other galleries on the origins of the game, World Series Cricket, the game through the eras, cricketing greats, a theatre that screens highlights from famous Test matches and an exhibit dedicated to the infamous bodyline series.
For most visitors, though, the highlight is the new Bradman Gallery, dedicated to his life and cricketing career, with exhibits that not only cover his ‘wizardry with the willow’ but also examine the social reasons he became a national icon.
It’s an outstanding collection of memorabilia, with bats, balls, blazers, handwritten letters, photographs and slides.


A Sachin follower, is my brainchild, Meeting Sachin is something I always look forward to

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