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Sachin Tendulkar's elusive ton keeps bookies busy

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Believe it or not, people have made good money from master blaster Sachin Tendulkar’s attempt to hit the 100th century in his cricketing career. At the same time, others have also lost lakhs of rupees to bookies every time Tendulkar fails to reach the magical figure of 100 runs.
Every time Tendulkar is seen with his bat on the field, the bookies get ready with a fresh rate to bet on his century bid. The current rate for Tendulkar’s chances of scoring 100 is Rs4.30, the highest-ever in the recent past.
“His being out of form continuously over a period of time, along with the poor shape of Team India, has drastically brought down the chances of his 100th century, at least in the current situation,” a bookie told DNA.
The higher the rate, the lower are the chances of getting the century. “The rate before the beginning of the second Test against Australia was Rs4, and it increased to Rs4.30 in the third Test,” the source said.
“Earlier, the punters bet largely on Tendulkar’s century when the rate opened with Re1 to Rs1.5 for his success,” the bookie said. Many people bet on him and lost a huge amount to the bookies. The rate, however, gradually increased to Rs4.30 by the end of the last Test match against Australia in Perth.
“The chances of Tendulkar making his 100th century are decreasing and so the rate is expected to even go up,” the bookie said. The rates start dipping every time Tendulkar crosses 50-run mark. “For instance, the rate opens at Rs2 for his success, it decreases as he gets closer to his century and the number of punters keeps increasing,” he said.
However, the bookies are also making good money from Tendulkar’s 50-run mark. “The current rate of his making 50 runs is Rs1.25; it was 50 paise before a few days,” the bookie said.
The bookies believe that it is very easy for Tendulkar to score a 50 but, currently, it seems it is very difficult for him to get a hundred.


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