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I dedicate this 100th ton to my brother Ajit: Sachin Tendulkar

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Last night Sachin Tendulkar’s teammates had left 100 balloons in his hotel room. He was totally unaware about it and was completely surprised to see them floating around once he entered the room after the match.

STAR News reporter Kuntal Chakraborty spoke exclusively to the Little Master on how he felt  after achieving the elusive 100th international ton.

Excerpts from the interview:

Kuntal: Whether God was testing the Cricketing God?

Sachin: I am not God… I am Sachin Tendulkar. When I was young my coach taught me that till you stay as the student of the game there will be progress. Everyday you will learn. Life has taught me a lot of things.

Kuntal: On Vivian Richards wanting you to play as long as you want to.

Sachin: I respect Sir Vivian Richards a lot. He was my idol along with Sunil Gavaskar during my younger days. Other former players have their own set of opinions and I respect them as well. The statements which are not important to me don’t bother me that much.

Kuntal: On his subdued reaction and what did he point out after scoring the 100th hundred?

Sachin: I pointed out to the Indian flag. I wanted to convey that I did it for the country. I dedicate this hundred to my elder brother Ajit. We shared the same goal and he sacrificed his life for me. I dedicate this hundred to him. I would like to thank all the Indians for my success.

Kuntal: Which was the most memorable and the toughest hundred?

Sachin: Toughest was the 100th hundred. It was a very difficult phase. God has his ways to give success.

Kuntal: After you won the World Cup people said you should quit ODIs?

Sachin: Some people might have said and then you guys reported it in different way…….

Kuntal:  I mean I wanted to say critics…..

Sachin: Yes. Critics. I don’t think the critics know how my body and mind is reacting, what my desire is and how much I can contribute. They have their own thought process and never need to answer for anything. I will decide on my own dream. I feel till you are in form you should continue to play. Leaving cricket in good form will be selfish….


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