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Top 10 Moments Of Sachin Tendulkar

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Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar , cricketing God who has started his international cricket journey on 15 nov 1989 has many memorable moments.

Here are top 10 stand out moments that I have choose from many we have.

First Test match:


It all started when Sachin played his first test match against Pakistan in Pakistan at age of 16years.

World Cup 2011 :

In a team sport no matter how great a player you are and how many records you have, you strive for being called as world champion by winning the world cup. Sachin who has got all records has to wait till his sixth world cup to become a world champion from a champion batsmen. As Sachin said “Its never too late”.

World Cup century against Kenya , 1999:



Sachin scoring a century that too against kenya is nothing special but this one certainly is, flying back to England just with in couple days of his father Ramesh Tendulkar funeral and playing a match for India and scoring a century one of the top moments for sure. Who can forget that moment when Sachin reached a ton looks in the heaven and “This is for you dad” .

fight with back bone Injury :


1999 the year where Sachin was on and off due to back bone injury, Even with the injury Sachin went on to play major series likes Asian Test championship, who can forget the knock in Chennai that he played against Pakistan ?


First International century:


1991/92 when Sachin scored his first century in Old Trafford Manchester to save India and showed the world what he caliber as a player is


Come back after Tennis elbow  :

Tennis elbow which has made Sachin to sit out from playing cricket for long time and even Sachin himself  had thought that he might not be able to play cricket ever again “I was not even able to hit the ball bowled by small kid and even if I tried to hit it with full strength kids are stopping it with ease” . We all know what has happened after 2000/07.

100 ton :


Scoring a test century is dream for every player and Sachin has scored 100 international tons , what a moment that is


Going past sunny in tests :


Sunil Gavaskar who was  holding the record of most centuries in test cricket was beaten by Sachin in 2005.


Going past Lara :
Sachin’s 70 odd runs against Australia in Mohali has made him become highest run scorer in Test cricket history and match has be halted for 10 mins due to fire works and do you remember the line said by Ravi ”  Its Diwali here in Mohali”.
Double Century in ODI’s:
Double ton in ODI was just a dream for all many came close but not close enough till the master has shown the way by scoring a double ton against south africa in gwalior on Feb 24, 2010.
These 10 moments stand out for me in masters career. Its tough to pick only 10 moments in such an inspirational persons career and I cant give the order for these top 10 moments.
Even you can share your top 10 moments in comments …


A Sachin follower, is my brainchild, Meeting Sachin is something I always look forward to

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  1. The Back injury was not in Asian Test championship

    it was during Pak test series just before the Asian Test championship… The First match when Sachin got 100 India lost and next match in Delhi Kumbale got 10 wickets

    1. Back Injury was during Asian Test Championship , in chennai Sachin will score 136 against Pak , which we lost, feel free to check the status and get back :)

      1. Na THE_ONE is right in sayn dat d injury was during 1999 test series agnst Pak…I remember Delhi test as d frst match i saw on d ground as a kid, but Sachin was nt a 100% fit during d asian test c’ship

  2. Feeling proud being Sachinist…..A man can achieve his goal if he can dedicate 10% of Sachin’s towards his goal.

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