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What did Sachin thought us

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Every One can be a legend in their respective fields but only few ,no no only very few can be a perfect “Role Model”  and the best example for a perfect Role Model  is Our Worlds Best Cricter, well know as    God  Of Cricket –Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

What  is the meaning of Dedication and Passion ?

How to be a Good Human Being ?

How to be a good Sports man?

How to be a Good citizen of the country?

How to be Social responsible person ?

1.Sachin, who was 10 years old, when India lifted the World Cup , got motivated by that moment and had dream to play for his country and started his journey with lot of dedication and passion ,now he’s 39  and still having the same hunger to play cricket at the top of the world by setting such a high standards and entered  24 yr of cricket ,overcoming many injuries like back injury(1999),toe injury,finger tender ankle  injury(2002), tennis elbow(2004), shoulder tear(2006)  facing all these tough time he bounced back  and performing  at the highest level by setting new standards and bench marks for generations to follow  and achieved his dream by lifting 2011 WC. Thats perfect example of passion and dedication.

2.Sachin is not just a Great cricketer but also a very generous and humble human being .Sachin who is providing education for orphans in few NGO’s like Appnalya located in Mumbai.He is also a part of CoCo Cola –  NDTV  Support My School, which has already helped 100 schools in first year is looking to make it bigger in second year .This is perfect of example of being a good kind human

3.Why  Sachin has got such a  special attention ? Why has Sachin got good friends and fans from various sports ,from various countries ? is that only because of his Dedication , passion  and top class cricket ?

Sachin is widely respected across the globe not just because of his sensational batting but also for the way he carries himself on the field. In such a long career Sachin was never involved in any controversy or for that matter he has never lost his temper. Always keeps his cool . During ‘Monkey episode’ Australia said that ” We will go with what Sachin says” that is just an example to show how well he carries himself – A Perfect example of Good Sports man.

4. Every one wants to do some thing for their nation but how many will keep Nation ahead of him and his family ? I dont want to go in too deep and know as we have clear example here. Yes Sachin who always strive to do his best for the nation by playing best cricket and making nation win has taken flight back to England with in couple days of his fathers funeral to try and make India World Champion’s.With a back injury went on to play and make century for the team .I am an Indian.A good citizen of country must give his best to his country in which ever possible way

5. Sachin has never promoted alchoal or tobbaco products no matter the amount money he was offered he humbly rejected such endorsements till date as per his words to given to his father Ramesh Tendulkar about not to feature in such endorsements

Article By :Jai Ram (Fan writer)


A Sachin follower, is my brainchild, Meeting Sachin is something I always look forward to

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