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Exclusive: Why Sachin Tendulkar quit ODIs for India

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Even as news of the master blaster, India’s batting genius Sachin Tendulkar announcing his retirement from the one-day international format of the game reverberated across the world, the Board of Control for Cricket in India spoke to this website as to what went on behind the scenes.
Ratnakar Shetty, Chief Administrative Officer, Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) speaking to Emirates 24|7 said, “The board has taken a stand always to support Sachin on his retirement issue. We have given him the liberty to take a call and now when he has finally taken the decision we trust his judgment.
When asked if the BCCI had role to play in Sachin taking this decision, “Like I said, we are with him and it was always up to him, the board had no influence over this decision.” He added, “Sachin declared he won’t be playing till the next World Cup and is paving the way for the 2015 team; helping us build a better team.”
“This retirement is his conscious decision.”
Giving a further insight into discussions that the BCCI and Sachin are likely to have undertaken in the matter, Shetty said, “He was thinking about it for a long time. He did discuss the matters with few people and Sachin is a great player who knows his own game. At the same time he was concerned about how the future of the team would be.”
There have been speculations in the Indian media about Tendulkar’s retirement almost criticising the little Master for his recent poor form. Shetty dismissed that Sachin’s retirement call had anything to do with his current form.
Is retiring from Tests next? “It is up to him again. The board will stand behind his decisions. But considering how well he played during the recent Eden test against England scoring 76 runs, I believe people still want to see him play.”


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