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How an normal gal turned in to a Sachinist , Sach impact

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Emotions, emotions & sum more emotions flowing everywhere, its a feeling deep in my heart which can’t be expressed in words.

I was thinking about writing an article on my role model the one & only one ” SACHIN TENDULKAR” for so long but I hadn’t thought even in my dreams that I will write it on the day when he announced his retirement, so silently that he hadn’t given any chance to those his false admirers who have bid him false gudbye wid crocodile tears in their eyes and heart filled wid joy…hate them all….

its really heartbreaking for us The “die hard sachin fans’

Going into flashback of my relationship with cricket I was kid merely of 5 to 6 yrs wen i started watching cricket. I belong to cricket lover family and used to hear about kapil, Gavaskar etc but when SACHIN TENDULKAR came, he came ,played and conquered, from the very first match. When I saw him batting he became my favorite and den SACHINMANIA goes on increasing day by day, year by year. I grown up watching sachin.

At that time there were no social sites and internet was not so advanced like Today
so I used to collect his every picture & every news from news papers and magazines and had a lot of collection of magazines & my sis used to had a fight y u are tearing newspapers…..but that was of no use

I used to fight wid everyone who criticize him and had long arguments with them. I haven’t skipped his innings even in exam. When he scored his 100th hundred I was in office so couldn’t watch the innings. SoI watche ball by ball repeat telecast. I also have full videos of his 200 runs innings and 100th century in my mobile.

I used to fight with everyone who break my rules during batting of sachin…..even I remember I once missed my sessional test, during india pak world cup match and den i was saying in class “sessional to har baar hote hai world cup ek hi baar hota hai 4 years mai” and my hod started laughing on hearing my statement…and said….u r saying dis being a topper of the class……m really very sad…

I have had collection of 20 years of newspapers and magazines and also a scrap book in which I have pasted lots of pics.
1 (682)All that stuff have a special place in my cupboard. And my mother says “ye kapde rakhne ki jagah hai sachin ko rakhne ki nahi”. These things are really assets for me.

I used to watch each and every single ball wen he was playing
and waise to uska out hona humesha dukhi karta tha…but whenevr he got out at 90’s 99’s mostly, I always burst into tears & used to skip meal. it has always been very difficult to admit ki “oh god sachin ki ek century miss ho gayi.” Most of d times he became victim of wrong decisions but he never uttered a single word against anyone and i used to shout scream ki sab jalte hai sachin se..
During his 200 run innings when dhoni was not giving him strike and he once got stuck on 199, until he finally reached it from that day I began to dislike dhoni also.

He is my role model since my childhood i will not deny that I always wanted to be like him a perfect person in all aspects- a perfect professional nd a perfect human..FLAWLESS..!!!

I was never interested in watching movies, serials like other typical gals ,my only passion obsession was only & only cricket that due to SACHIN TENDULKAR only

He will always remain my hero my role model whether he will be there in team or not.
He has given us a lot in last 23 years to cherish and he is benchmark for all those who wanna do something different in their lives and that too with dignity, pride & integrity.

SACHIN. I don’t know what will happen to Indian cricket after you, but surely a void is created in lives of sachin die hard fans like us which can never be filled

Now for sure cricket world is divided into two era’s


And I wanna say dis to SRT that we fans are definitely heartbroken at your decision but m happy for d fact dat u havnt given any chance to so called cricket fraternity to shed crocodile tears on your retirement.

U came like LION,u played like LION nd u left like a LION…giving no chance to anyone to speak anything…
let d critics nw live in dere dreams to speak up at ur retirement…hats off
& one thing for critics…

“If u cudnt appreciate “SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR” in your lives, then u can’t ever appreciate anyone else in your lives”

SACHIN u were always been my role model, still my role model nd will always b my role model…..i salute you for whatever u did for dis country INDIA & in the present day scenario watever is happening in dis country
i m proud to b an INDIAN only & only because of the fact that SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR belongs to INDIA……



A Sachin follower, is my brainchild, Meeting Sachin is something I always look forward to

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