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Sachin Tendulkar's decision to quit ODIs was taken in last 72 hours

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Sachin Tendulkar’s decision to retire from the ODI format was taken over the “last 72 hours” though he formally informed the BCCI only last night.
According to a source close to the cricketer, the eventual decision was taken in the last three days with BCCI president N Srinivasan being informed only last night.
“Once he was back in Mumbai after the Nagpur Test, he switched off his cell phone and became incommunicado for at least three days. The only possible way to contact him was through Anjali’s (wife) number as he wanted some time to himself,” a very close friend of Tendulkar told PTI on condition of anonymity.
“By Friday night, he had intimated his family and close group of friends that he wants to quit from ODIs. Accordingly, he informed BCCI president N Srinivasan last night about his decision to retire from ODIs making it clear that he doesn’t want to play in the ODIs against Pakistan,” the source added.
There are strong indications that Tendulkar would start his preparations for the four-match Test series against Australia by playing in Mumbai’s final Ranji Trophy group league game against Gujarat to be played in Mumbai from December 29-January 1.
Asked about the retirement from Test cricket, the source added, “Any decision regarding that will be only taken after he assesses his performance against Australians. The four Test against Aussies will make it 198 Tests and if he does well, he might just think about going to South Africa to complete 200 Tests.”
Earlier, BCCI secretary Sanjay Jagdale said ,”It was not sudden. He informed us before the selection about his decision.”
“He spoke to me and the president about his decision. Naturally he must have been (emotional) I can’t say we just spoke on the phone.”
“What he has expressed is his concern that India has to prepare for the next World Cup,” the BCCI’s chief administrative officer Ratnakar Shetty added. “From that point of view, he felt that it was time that he retired.”


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  1. you are great sachin… everyone fails…but you yourself has taken all the responsibilities of india’s defeat and ‘ve moved away…. truely you are a real team man… love you forever… one will fit in your 10 no. jersy..

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