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Before Criticizing Sachin , Read this

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Sachin scores 100 n India have lost :

List of Test cricket centuries – 51
Matches Won – 20
Matches Lost – 12
Matches Draw – 19

List of ODI centuries – 49
Matches Won – 33
Matches Lost – 14
Matches N/R – 1
Matches Tied – 1

Total matched Test + ODI = 100 where he scored 100
Total Matches won – 53
Total matches Lost – 26
Total Draws – 20
N/R – 1

So among his 100 centuries India have lost 26 matches which means just 26% of tons went in vain and they are knocks like Sharjah 143 and Chennai 136.

Check why we those brilliant 14 ODI tons went in Vain

Why 12 test tons went in Vain

Few other Critics

Finals :- Best batsman in tournament finals (1851 runs in 40 matches)

Chasing target :- Most successful batsman in chases (5490 runs in 127 matches)

Chasing target in finals :- Best batsman in chases in victorious finals (737 runs in 11 matches)

Top batsman in victorious finals (1255 runs in 18 matches)

Scored 100 – 9 times when rest of the players in the team failed to make atleast 50.

Sachin also tops the list of scoring ton with a six – 5 times.

Still you have any critic left ? Know the truth respect the Cricketing Genius .


A Sachin follower, is my brainchild, Meeting Sachin is something I always look forward to

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  1. However out of the 14 centuries that he made where India ( Team-BCCI ) lost – only 3 of them he played in the 2nd Innings. A batsman scoring century in the 1st innings, where his Strike rate is 89 ( avg of the 11 1st innings ) – is SUPERB by any and all standards. He has no control over the rest of the match and he has done his part well. Now analyze these THREE ( 3 ) innings only.

    And it is CRYSTAL clear that these 3 innings have nothing to be analyzed from Sachin’s point of view – He was writing history as he played these 3 innings – some of the best that Cricket had seen ( one of them I had seen live ! )..he was Man of The Match in ALL THREE of them !!

  2. He’s the God of Cricket and humanity! People criticising him are *RETARDS*
    We love u sachin n olways will! :)

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