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Sachin Tendulkar an Indian first – A True Inspiration

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Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is not just a Inspirational star on the field but he is an Inspiration and role model for every Indian.

Here are few instances of Such incidents.

Mumbai Belongs to all Indians :

When Non Marathi people were being attacked, Sachin had said that he is an Indian first and then a Mumbaikar.

Know more about this incident

I Play for India now more than ever :

After 26/11 Mumbai attacks Sachin said these lines and the way he scored 100 to make India win the match and dedicated to the victims of the attack

“I had felt that even if for a moment we had been able to make people smile because of our victory, we had done our duty as India players”

This is what Sachin said about that victory

Declining Alcohol Endorsement :

Sachin has never endorsed Alcohol or Tobacco products , Even During IPL 6, he was not part of UB group advertisement in which you can see other starts from his own team and other IPL teams.

Sachin has even declined 20Cr a year deal to endorse UB group.

Carrying Indian Flag on the helmet:

He is the first Indian who walked in to the middle by having tri color on his helmet above BCCI logo.

Quits IPL :

He become first player to Quit IPL while being part of national cricket team,

100 Century :

The way he reacted after scoring 100 International century, Do you remember ? He thanked the heavens and then points his bat handle towards INDIAN flag on his helmet.

Viru Double ton:

It’s an Indian record and I’m Happy that an Indian has broken it.

After going past Brian Lara in Test :

I’m Happy this is an Indian record and we got it back

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