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The love affair!

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Sachin inside house 15






Never believed in love at first sight?




You will when you come face to face with her. You can never get tired of seeing her. A glimpse can never be enough. You yearn to see her again. You crave for more of her. Unknowingly a smile creeps in. When she is near you, you can’t think of anything else. You bask in her overwhelming presence. The evening breeze from the sea caressing her is a sight to behold.

No wonder why he fell in love with her. How can one ever not love her? He was just 20 then. He was charming with curly hair and chubby face. By no means was she young. She had a rich history behind her. Like old wine, she got sweeter and lovelier with every passing year. He was young with big reputation. She looked forward to him. He looked forward to her.

He fell in love the instant he saw her. With a big wish to impress her, he showcased his brilliance. He is performing his art for the first time in his homeland. She was proud. She knew he was special. From then on whenever they met, there was magic. The next time she met him, he was at ease. But rain decided to intervene.  From that day, she never liked rain.

Mighty Australians were coming. She warmed up for what was to come. With India on a knife edge, he took command. She was never so thrilled. It was like being young again. He was happy to see happiness in her. It took a year for them to meet again. It was old foe. When everyone had given up hope, only two thought different. She knew he was there. He knew nothing can go wrong when she is near.

Life is never full of fairytales. He couldn’t finish his last act. He battled pain but failed. He cried. She was helpless. She wanted to say everything would be alright but he cried like a child. She knew time would heal things. Couple of years later, he did what he does best. With all at stake, he decided to dictate terms. Happiness was everywhere again.

Injuries took a toll on him and next three outings weren’t that fruitful. When others made merry he struggled. Mortals doubted him. She hasn’t lost faith. It was December 2008. India mourned the Mumbai attacks. Everyone was sad. He knew it was his responsibility to put a smile on their faces. With a stiff task at hand, he started to weave his magic. For just a moment or two, India forgot everything. She remembered the tears he shed nearly 10 years ago. Now, she cried. But those were happy tears.

She is yet to meet him again since that day. She will meet him on Feb 22 against their favorite opponents. Australia. He is approaching 40. She is still ageless getting lovelier even more. He has a rich history behind him now. The world knows him as Sachin Tendulkar. She still stands near Marina enjoying the evening breeze. She is commonly known as Chepauk.

When both meet, magic is all we will be left with!

And magic it was, seeing him bat that day.



The bizarre dismissal was yet to sink in. Before they could understand, they remembered the batsman to come next. The hush turned into slow claps. The claps grew louder. Chants of Sa-Ch-In started reverberating through the stadium. A diminutive figure started to come out looking towards the skies. As if he was walking on a different planet, he walked oblivious to the cheering. He took his guard while millions prayed for his success.

Will he look to get his eye in? Will he look to play straight? What will the bowlers try? Will Pattinson bowl him too? Thousand of questions passed in the little brain. Before new questions surfaced, Pattinson started his run up. He moved his left leg towards the pitch of the ball with the bat coming down perfectly to caress the ball to the boundary making the crowd delirious.

He pushed the next ball with an open face and greater authority for another four. The delirious crowd went mad. A loose shot came next which was met with loud oohs and aahs. Pattinson drifted a little towards leg and it was enough for him to glance it down to fine leg for his third boundary in four balls. The delirious crowd went even madder.

It was an image to be etched in memory forever. In space of four balls, he changed everything – the complexion of the match, the mood of the crowd and the confidence of buoyant Australians. I didn’t jinx him. I saw him score runs live. I knew what it is to be inside a stadium when he carves those picturesque cover drives. I learnt why so many people adore him. I knew the power hidden in my vocal chords. I knew why he is so special.

Thank you Sachin, for giving me the once in a lifetime moment!!!

Article by:Ashwin Krishnamurthy


A Sachin follower, is my brainchild, Meeting Sachin is something I always look forward to

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  1. This could have been a beautiful article. You destroyed it Ashwin Krishnamurthy. You shouldn’t be a writer. Destroy your pen and please quit writing.

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