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To the man we all want to be

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You will see hundreds of new cricketers come and go. Only half will stay. Very few will make it big. One or two will make it to your heart. And only one will stay with you forever. Like your shadow. Never leaving you. He will become a part of you. He will become one in you. He will be in you. You think about him constantly. Feel happy for him. Feel sad for him. You will feel like you have scored a hundred for him. Bowling majestically for him. Jumping to catch a ball even if you are fat and can’t jump high.

You will long to play one cover drive like him. Hope for one century to come. You will cry for his victories. Happy tears. You will feel 11-Sachin-IndiaInk-blog480you own the world. You will fly high. Happiness which you will never forget. If he got out, then it is not his mistake. It is you who has caused it. Why did you move? Why did you wear this shirt? You curse yourself. You skip matches for him, fearing it will bring bad luck. You get angry for his failures. In sport no one can win all the time. But you wish him to. You pray for him. Hope for him. Wait for him to bat. To relive the magic. To relive the happiness. Even to enjoy the sadness.

I have felt like this for one man. One man who has made life beautiful for me. Taught me cricket. Made me write about it. Taught me what is life. A series of successes and failures. Taught me what is hard work. Playing twelve matches in a day in the sweltering heat of Mumbai is hard work. Taught me how to make your passion come true. Sacrificing your youthful enjoyments for your passion is the best way. Taught me who is a perfect role model. One may have billions and billions but should stay calm. Be humble.

Once a banner read ‘God wanted to play cricket and Sachin was born’. When you see him, you see God playing cricket. You have to be special to play a cover drive like that. You have to be extraordinary to play straight drives like him. You have to be a genius to play an upper cut like him. You have to be highly innovative to play a paddle sweep as good as him. It’s no surprise you see God in him.

People crumble under pressure. We do mistakes which we never do. Pressure is so weird. Some people thrive under pressure. Sachin is one of them. Even the pressure of a billion people can’t do anything. What more can I ask from a man? Sachin is absolutely awesome. SACH is LIFE! Love you SACH!


A Sachin follower, is my brainchild, Meeting Sachin is something I always look forward to

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