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I wanted to bat a bit longer : Sachin , exclusive

Advertise Here Admin who has interacted with the master yesterday evening and passed on the message given by site members

Here is a brief of their conversation 

Vinod Naidu : Sachin this is …… 

Sachin : Ya Ya I know him , How are you Pavan ?

Pavan :  ( Quite )

Sachin : What happened 

Pavan : In tears I cant accept that fact that you wont play any more 

Sachin : Cricket will still remain

Pavan : No cricket with out Tendulkar.

Sachin : Thats all right , I have just handed over my responsibility there will be some one who will take the job.

Pavan : No sir there can never ever be another Sachin Tendulkar.

Sachin :  (Smiles )

Pavan : Any way sir with all the pressure and stress you are carrying and despite knowing that its last match the knock you made was outstanding , we cant ask for any thing better.

Sachin : Yeah, I wanted to bat a bit longer, but unfortunate.

Pavan : Sammy normally will be dropping catches but he has taken a great one yesterday.

(Anjali Mam started laughing , so did Sachin sir and Vinod sir)

Sachin : Yeah , he even took one catch of mine here .

Pavan : Yes sir, During the journey towards 100 century , you were on 94.

Sachin : Yes.

Pavan : Sir, no matter what you will always remain our hero , insiprational force and your legacy will last forever.

Sachin : Thank you Thank you for travelling and supporting me.

Pavan : Sir please dont Thank sir, its basic responsibility towards the one who has given so many memorable moments to cherish.

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    1. pls tell me neha how you get sachin siteeeee… i very happy because the fan of sachin will meet the sachin site thank you..

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