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If any one asks me what is sachin for you?
Being a software Engineer and B.Tech Grad I can put it like this.

Who have two image sensors which identifies the ball at 140 km speed and performs the data mining on his brain to get the position of the ball where it pitches by parsing the mined data of bowler’s previous ball and previous history, processes it with a natural processor at the rate of 82944 GHtz per second. Sends a signal to the arms which executes the signal with exact angle and exact power to make the bowler feel “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

The entire algorithm written on java which is platform independent so the same output produces in test, one day and T20 environments.. Its a parallel processing algorithm the other processes running at the same time are making it self cool by discarding the nerves in the ear so that there is no lose in concentration due to crowd highest decibel rates on praising, observing the instant field changes, change in shot selection, Read the bowlers mind and storing in his data base etc… The algorithm includes self troubleshooting mechanism such that it can recover in the next match if any thing went wrong. It is a chain algorithm which makes similar algorithm in other team mates by inspiring them.

If any viruses try to crash this algorithm in the form of critics and sledging this algorithm has potential to defend itself by giving answers with bat. The algorithm has enough capability to invent some new shots like how chitti itself creates hand gun in ROBOT movie. Coming to the body. Its durable to the blows and flexible enough to recover from surgeries.


A Sachin follower, is my brainchild, Meeting Sachin is something I always look forward to

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