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Reasons why Sachin is my God

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Article By :- Prathamesh Deshpande

Oh My God!!

There are some reasons why Sachin is my God and I am trying to put them out here:

From 1989, he taught me that there is nothing like fear; if you have belief in yourself then you can stand up to any challenge…. Whatever your age and the task at hand (Debut v/s Pakistan)

In 1992; he taught me that it is a sign of fearlessness and maturity to stand up on a platform where everybody before has lost their nerve. To look the foe in the eye and say you don’t scare me I am here because I belong (Perth)

In 1996; he taught me that whatever be the others expectations of you, you need to live up to only your own expectations and everything else falls in place (World Cup)

In 1998; he taught me that when you see light at the end of a tunnel however small it may be, just go for it…. because you never know what you can achieve unless you try… (Sandstorm Innings)

In 1999, he taught me that however huge a personal loss, never lose an opportunity to bring a smile to the faces of the people who love you, believe in you and trust you. ( Century v/s Kenya after the death of his father just a few days earlier)

In the new Millenium he taught me that even though you are betrayed by people who were close to you, never ever do anything to break the trust and belief of the people who love and believe in you (Match Fixing Saga)

In 2003, he taught me that when people challenge you or point fingers at you, the best way to reply is through your work and deeds rather than stooping low to their levels (Caddick and Shoaib Akhtar Banters in WC 2003)

In 2003, he taught me that the real happiness lies in the achievement of the goals you set as a family/team and not on individual achievements which may come along the way (Sachin’s face on receiving Man of the series award in WC 2003)

In the early half of the 2000s, he taught me that you need to just hang in there when things are going tough because you never when your determination will bear fruit (Sachin’s struggle during injuries and the subsequent questions raised on his form and longevity)

In 2007, he taught me that you may plan to the best of your ability but you may not achieve what you have set out to achieve, but that doesn’t mean you give up but pull up your socks and push yourself harder. (2007 WC)

In 2008, he taught me that actions definitely speak louder than words (CB series finals in Australia where he answered his critics by winning it for India, again…!!!)

In 2011, he taught me that stick to your goals and nobody in the world can stop you from achieving them… (WC 2011… the entire journey)

In 2011, he taught me that what is important is not the path you take but the footprints you leave behind… (Young Brigade carrying Sachin on their shoulders around Wankhede and dedicating WC 2011 to him)

In 2013, he taught me that it is always better to leave when people are asking Why rather than When. ….

November 16, 2013… He taught me that the real essence of character lies in humility and in appreciation of the people who have been by your side or even led you in the various parts of your journey.  He also taught me that there is no shame in being a grown up man and still be reduced to tears when it comes to your hero….

He taught me that any profession, sport or field does not exist because of you but for you to enrich it, respect it and to hand it over in a better state than when you started…. (His message to the current team and the respect he showed to the Wankhede pitch at the end)

Above all, in the last 24 years Sachin has taught me that when people throw stones at you, you need to convert them into milestones….

Every person learns these lessons at some point in life from different people…. but I learned them from one man….. And that too through his deeds and not just shallow words….

So if I stand up and say he is my God, then who the hell are you to question that….

Sachin Sir…. Take a bow…!!!

I hope I live a life the way you have lived and the way you have taught me and you expect from the generation who have always looked up to you…!!!

Thank You Sir…!!


A Sachin follower, is my brainchild, Meeting Sachin is something I always look forward to

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