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Sachin The Inspiration

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Article By : Pavan Chaudhari


16th November, 2013 will be a date which every Indian will remember all through his life. Wankhede stadium, home ground of the master blaster was all set to witness the last appearance of the master. It was a privilege to be sitting in Sachin tendulkar stand and watching history happen.
The crowd was going fanatical over what was happening around with the opponent’s nine wickets down & every fan of him feeling, “it is all going to end, it is all ending, any moment the tenth wicket would fall and this would be it, we will never see Sachin play again. This can’t be happening…am I really here? Is this really happening? This cannot be true…God please stop the time here and lock it forever…”
We felt that the only connection left of our childhood is now coming to an end. We have watched him play since we were kids. With time we saw each of our childhood habits changing, but there was this link alive which made us feel that common you are not that old, you used to see Sachin play then & you are still seeing him play now was the thought. But this day it was like time has played a gimmick with us & suddenly it had made us realize that time will end everything. All of a sudden we started fearing time. We begged time… no you cannot move forward, please stop… I would cry now…please stop… let this moment be where it is…
But time shows its supremacy. Shami clears the middle stump & a glorious career comes to an end with that delivery. Every single person in the stadium was on his feet. The time had come which we all feared the most. We stood there helplessly watching everything coming to an end. People present couldn’t hide their emotions & tears & so did millions or may be billions of them watching on their television sets across the world. We all had one thing in mind, this is the last time you can make your cheer heard…sachiiiiiin sachiiiiiin we all shouted our throats out. We thought that’s the least we could do at this moment. We shouted till Sachin faded behind the dressing room in the pavilion, our eyes intact on every move of his. An emotional Sachin leaving the ground with players giving him a guard of honor. With Sachin, cried all his fans…their hearts were filled with emotions. Why is this happening?
We chanted continuously till he appeared again behind the dressing room. The great son of the soil was back again on the ground for the presentation. After all the honor’s, mic was handed to him. We all cheered like never before. Sachin was to deliver his final words. We went silent now. Silence as such that a pin drop would clearly be heard. We wanted to hear every word of the master & what a way to start.
He starts off expressing gratitude to his father remembering his teachings and was proud that he had become what his father wanted him to be… A good human!!!
He started his speech & talked like a true Indian. He was narrating his life but it was sounding like an Ideal man from this great country talking about how the kids in the country are raised and brought up. He talked about relations, friendship, love, affection everything that takes place in a family. His speech was reflection of Indian people and Indian culture.
He talked about his parents first, which showed the immense respect that we Indians have for our parents. He then went on to talk about his siblings. He talked about the sacrifices of his brother Ajit, wife Anjali & his friends. It was such a great feeling to be in a country where a brother sacrifices his career for a younger one. A wife sacrifices her dream for her husband & friends sacrifice their comforts for another. Sachin, you made us realize that all…

He thanked his guru Sir Ramakant Achrekar & showed that however huge the occasion is we never forget the ones who have made us reach there. He showed that we simply don’t chant ‘’guru bhramha guru Vishnu’’ but we mean it.  It is in our culture & in our blood that a guru is god and we are grateful to him for whatever heights we have achieved.

He talked about his kids & what an emotional moment that was for all of them watching. Everybody could relate those words to themselves. He made us realize how precious we are for our parents. They may not express those feelings that they have for us but at every moment they care for us. We don’t understand what’s going on in their minds but they feel sad & low when they are not able to attend our birthdays, school functions and every little thing that is important to us.
To serve the nation in the right spirits was the message given to the team mates & with that, the baton was passed on to the next generation of cricketers. What a way to bring glory to the nation. Inspiring them leading with an example.

He went on to thank all the people important in his life before ending his around twenty minutes speech although the crowd demanded more from him. We just wanted him to speak. But he ended it, thanking his fans who had been with him all along, that grew the crowd mad again and we cheered throughout the victory lap.
After the victory lap we saw something which was unbelievable. Sachin comes back again at the pitch, he bows down and touches the ground, showing respect to the place which gave him everything in his life. What an example set again. Respect your “karma” & “karmabhoomi”. We now knew completely why this man grew to such heights where people thought that he is greater than the game. It was only because he respected his game, he respected cricket, he respected his “karma”. This little action of his on the cricket ground could only be done by an Indian. We were not merely watching him say and do those things but we were taking lessons for our lives.

Thank you Sachin for making us realize all those things which we are built of but at times take them for granted. It was not just a farewell speech but an inspiration for the country. It was a lesson that “you have got your family, friends, teachers, strong moral values, everything & everyone backing you up, all you have to do is work hard for your dream, follow your dream, do not take short cuts, persevere for what you crave for & achieve your dream”. Surely Sachin we will take that as an inspiration because you are the man we all want to be. Thank you for showing us a way of living.  We are proud that we were your fans & we will keep that pride forever throughout our lives. As we bid adieu to you and as you end this glorious career of yours you have strengthened our belief. Seeing you play cricket was not just a sport for us. All the time we saw you perform, it was not merely the centuries getting scored but a character getting built. Thank you Sachin!!!Thank you very much!!!


A Sachin follower, is my brainchild, Meeting Sachin is something I always look forward to

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