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Sachin-Anjali most admired cricket couple

Advertise Here conducted a survey on some of the lighter aspects of our cricketers’ lives.

And according to this survey, Sachin Tendulkar and Anjali Tendulkar are the ‘Most Admired Cricket Couple’, with 41.2% respondents voting for them. At his 200th test match at Wankhede, which was also his last match, Sachin not only thanked his wife for being with him always, but also called her the ‘best partnership of my life’. He said, “My career would not have been successful if Anjali had not told me to concentrate on cricket and managed the family on her own. She told me when we wanted to have a family that I should concentrate on cricket and she will take care of everything. Thanks for being there. You are the best partnership I have had in my life.”

The second most admired cricket couple was Sourav Ganguly and his dancer wife Dona, with 31.3% votes. In an interview, Sourav said, “I have no clue about female fans. I have only two of them – my daughter and my wife!” Dona, who stood by him during the period he was being linked with Nagma, said, “I’m proud to be his wife.”

The younger couple of Sakshi and MS Dhoni was the third most admired couple in this survey, with 27.5% votes. No surprise there, with Sakshi supporting Mahi by being present at matches and even getting a tattoo of his name.


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