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Poem By : – Satya Srinivas J

Miracles occur once in a while

to foster people to go for that extra mile.
May be god wanted to create yet another miracle
just like the bright stars that do twinkle.
He created a human being blessing him with all the powers
and wanted to see that man blossom like beautiful flowers.
The 24th of april,1973 saw the birth of the super power.
His nature of being naughty did bother
his family and it was Ajit,his elder brother,
who made him to hold a cricket bat
and cricket would feel thankful for it didn’t miss a legend of that sort.
A fast bowler was what he wanted to be,
but realised that it was not his cup of tea.
It was then that he made his way to the batting crease
and then he started to punish the bowlers with ease.
Sir Ramakant Achrekar showed him the way
and he showed the world how to play.
His 664 run partnership with kambli showed who the boss is
and the bowlers might have felt like saying “leave the ground please!”
Splendid performances like these forced a change in the rules
as he donned the Indian jersey at 16 and left the opponents no clues
on how to stop him and though his first innings score was a zero,
it took him no time to turn out to be a hero.
On one occasion,he did take a nasty blow,
but that didn’t make him feel down and low.
79 innings may have denied him a three figure mark
but by then he had showcased his hallmark.
Destruction and demolition of bowling was what he had done
as he made the opponents sweat it out in the sun.
Opponents and venues didn’t matter
as he batted like an enchanter.
India tasted victories many a time
thanks to his performances that were solid and sublime.
The Indian tricolor fluttered high
as runs from his bat flowed like river Nile.
Promoting him as an opener was a revolution
which brought in cricket an evolution.
It didn’t matter whether it’s an O.D.I or a test
as for the viewers,his batting was a delight and a run fest.
One would have lost count of the hours he put into practice
and one would be awed by his tricks and tactics.
His straight drive can teach an architect how to draw a line
and the rest of his shots were just superfine.
Was it only in batting he did shine?
No,his bowling and fielding meant a chill down the spine.
Records followed SACHIN as if he were a bag piper
and his precision of play was like that of a sniper.
How can one forget the Sharjah storm?
By doing so,he put India at helm.
The sad demise of his father made him shed a tear
but by scoring a ton thereafter, he made his intentions clear.
Scoring 200 in an O.D.I was only a dream
but he proved that he can explore any stream.
Winning the world cup for India was his dream and aim.
In the 6th world cup he played,he could cherish it and get acclaim. 
Accumulating thousands of runs and a ton of tons was way beyond imagination
and his achievements commanded respect for himself and his nation.
Looking back, we find heaps of such memories,
which are the sources of happiness,that grows like green trees.
Fans call him the ‘master blaster’
and for the opponents,his presence meant a disaster.
“God of Cricket” is what he is called
by the millions of fans he enthralled.
Success and glory are his good friends
while he made complacency and pride stay at a distance.
His great character is what made him a genius and a legend
and the love and admiration of his fans have no ends.
He is a source of motivation and inspiration
and words find it hard to describe his passion and dedication.
He is, more than a human, a super human
and for his incredible services, let’s salute the gentleman.
Let us thank you SACHIN for the great memories over a span of 24 years.
Your exit from cricket made it difficult for us to hold back our tears.
For you, cricket is like oxygen
and for us you mean everything.
For men may come and men may go,
but SACHIN’s impact stays on forever!


A Sachin follower, is my brainchild, Meeting Sachin is something I always look forward to

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