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Open Letter to Sachin critics : Sachinist Army

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After reading letter sent out to Sachin by PCGT asking him to stop appearing in commercials. I have pen down my feelings with a reply letter to PCGT as a fan and follower of Sachin here is my reply.
When ever you dare to question Sachin remember one thing Sachin is so humble and will remain quite for criticism but Sachinist Army will hit back if you make any baseless critics.
Here is the copy of the letter ,
Dear Public Concern for Governance Trust (PCGT) ,
This letter is written to you in reaction to the letter you have written to Sachin Tendulkar asking him to stop doing endorsements . I hope you will understand the facts and take the letter in right spirit.
Let me take main points in the letter and give answers to them.
 expressed their discomfort with a ‘Bharat Ratna’ awardee promoting commercial products on television. Incidentally, this discomfort is prevalent in many sections of Mumbai society “
Discomfort ?? What’s wrong in the products that Sachin is endorsed with ?? Can you give more clarity on the point that what is making them discomfort , so as per the people who have approached you don’t want Sachin to do what he was doing before being awarded Ratna award ? Since he was awarded with Bharat Ratna he should stop doing what he was doing and go to public and try to spread awareness ??
Firstly let me tell you about brands which Sachin endorses , he deals with companies which are in no way harmful to the people of this country , let me bring to your notice that Sachin has denied liquor Advt deals many a times. He is part of these endorsements well before he was awarded Ratna award.
We will appreciate if you re-consider such commercial endorsements and instead, utilize your iconic stature and nation-wide popularity to endorse social messages that will inculcate ethical and civic values among the citizens in general and the youth in particular
For inspiring youth in does he need to stay away from endorsements ? Even while doing endorsements Sachin was party of many social awareness programs , He used to campaign for polio drops, cleanliness and hand wash importance .He took part in MARD Marathi version . Through his Facebook page he has sent out messages to youth of India telling them importance of vote , Saving enviorment . To develop schools in India and to rise funds for the schools in India he is taking part in Support my school campaign and rising funds by which many underprivileged Schools are being developed.
To put it clear Sachin was spreading awareness and giving his best to this country even before being awarded with highest civilian honor and he will continue doing so. He never used name of the award any where to promote him or any brand.
Before questioning him I would request you to go through the works he has done and doing and I’m sure you will have different thoughts after that.
With all due respect to your trust and work it is doing a letter from a Sachin fan.
PK Sachinist
Being a fan what do you think, Sachin should appear in TV commercials ??  

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