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Advertise Here , A home for Sachin Tendulkar, which was launched on 24 April 2010 by Sachin fans for whom Sachin is God like many others around the globe.

Motive of is to reach all Sachin fans and keep them updated with the latest news of Sachin and to provide them with eye-opener articles that will help them spread the greatness of cricketing genius and also to reply for few critics whom they come across. doesn’t have any direct contacts with Sachin or his family members this is just a fan site by his devotees.

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  1. Hey Guys,

    Please inform for any plans for the match in Mumbai,
    Right now I’m not in Mumbai, however, planning to fly down for the last
    test. Kindly inform me of any plans. Lets Roar for the GOD one last time

  2. A small request as well as suggestion to no. 1 fan site or in better words fans of GOD plz try to upload all the episodes of ” Sachinnnnnn….sachin ” (which is going since nov’13 on star sports 1,2,3) as i believe even feel,that, many fans of GOD may or unable to watch all the videos of show which shows the entire journey of the SIR SACHIN in the cricket .i.e how he made us to feel proud for being INDIAN!plz!!!!!

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