Sachin Tendulkar Says Winning 2011 World Cup Was Priceless

Revealing an unknown emotional side to his personality retired batting legend Sachin Tendulkar recalled how “happy tears” rolled out of his eyes when India won the 2011 World Cup and termed the moment as “priceless”.

Narrating the final moments when India defeated Sri Lanka, the iconic cricketer said he thanked the Gods, screamed and ran out of the dressing room to the middle.

 “I did cry when I went out in the middle… I did cry. This was the only time I had happy tears… because that moment was just a priceless moment. That moment was something that you can only dream off,” remembered Tendulkar.

 “Playing in India, on the home ground…The Indian team celebrated with lots of champagne as their families, friends and fans also joined in the dressing room that night.”

Tendulkar further revealed that nothing came close to that moment when he lifted the World Cup.

“It was not my trophy, it was our trophy, it was the nation’s trophy,” Tendulkar told a private TV channel.

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