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sachin tendulkar’s diet secrets

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Not a long time back in a poll, people voted him as the healthiest and happiest Indian. Sachin Tendulkar married Anjali, a pediatrician and daughter of Gujarati industrialist Anand Mehta and het British mom Annabel Mehta.

Anjali Tendulkar studied at Mumbai’s most elite school and when she met Sachin he was not that well known but in her eyes he was her hero and  it was a union of a bride and groom from the same city, but from very different cultures and backgrounds. When they married after 5 years of courtship……. yes this little master has a sweet little love story can you believe it !!!!!!!!! He was loved by the whole world……… you had a great choice    Anjali.

Sachin Tendulkar is known foodie. He loves to have any kind of fish preparation cooked at home. He is also very fond of steaks and Thai food.
His diet and food intake includes 40% carbohydrate, 30% fat and 30% protein.

Breakfast Large bowl of porridge + 200ml milk + water with a tsp of sugar and raisins if desired
250ml fresh fruit juice
After  workout 25g whey protein power
Snack Sandwich with pieces of grilled fish or  low fat soft cheese with
Lunch 3 rotis + olive oil based spread with fish or dal
100g mixed nuts & seeds
Mixed salad
1 bowl Low fat curd
Cricket trainingAfter trainingDinner plenty of water with electrolyteProtein shake
100g mixed nuts & seeds
Same as lunch

He loves tasty food, he is quite conscious of what he eats as he has to keep himself fit and fighting.

Accept for fish and sea food based recipes another type of food that he likes is Bengali food. One of his favorite dishes is Lobster cooked in Bengali style. He is also known to have a sweet tooth, especially for cheesecakes and those Alphonso mangoes…. even I love it man….Yum. now I know the reason for him to own 2 restaurants in Mumbai and 1 in Bangalore.


Are you kidding me obviously Cricket. He firmly believes that playing cricket is the best form of fitness. He also does yoga, meditation, pranayama, gym and even aerobics and he loves to drive fast cars which he got addicted to when he was gifted a Ferrari. Ask him anything about cars and you will be stunned by the in-depth knowledge about cars.

You rock ….Little Mater

Eat good live healthy

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