Salute To Sachin

Poem By : Prasanna Venkateshwaran


Every game every sport
has a genius for a generation
the way he plays the path he lays
Steps up to create an evolution
The very name of genius is a
Source of inspiration
Symbol of motivation
Ambition and aspiration
The way genius play is a
Joy to watch
His very presence attracts
Crowd at large
Every stadium gives him a standing ovation
Even opponents will watch him in awe and admiration
He is a pride for any nation
He is a living personification for passion.
His fame cuts across barriers
He fights till the end like a warrior
He rescues the team like a savior
He is a conqueror of failure
But like the god of gods,king of kings
There is a greatest genius of all
A gentleman playing the gentlemen’s game
He is worshipped as a god
Two decades of tremendous play
Has earned him name and fame
he will be the best one
to have ever played the game
a bullying boy in childhood days
he picked up fight with everyone
he played cricket with ease and grace
he was second to none
students shift schools for studies
he did it for cricket
tirelessly practicing at the nets
he hated losing his wicket
time and again in every match
runs flowed through this bat
his cuts and drives difficult to catch
he earned everyone’s pat
a duck in debut made everyone
laugh tease and mock
the same were made sitting ducks
with every century knock
in foreign shores,he stamped his class
black cap bowlers were sent for a blast
the lions were tamed at the lords by the lord
with headlines flashing”Next Don is Born”
Aussies were shown no mercy
cracking centuries back to back
dancing down the track
he dispatched shane for a whack!
At the grandest stage of all
he always stood tall
handy as a bowler,yes he was
two hundred men fell for his toss
money and glory he did earn
yet for worldcup he very much yearned
luck and hardwork paved the way
for a memorable n8 at the wankhede
steyn and co succumbed to his sublime double ton
his ton of tons turned  into the talk of the town
he approached the game with childhood fun
dedication and honesty never let him down
Single handed is a word
synonymous to sachin
when the team caved in
he never gave in
when pacy tracks struck
the team like a storm
he stood his guard
cool,calm and strong
his stands enabled versatile shots
footwork disrupted bowlers thoughts
his technique tackled the best of the lot
opponents prayed to get him for naught!
acrobatic dives cant stop his drives
even at 40 he still strives
cricket is his only life
Centuries his name will thrive
he broke all records
he broke his own records
none can break his record
this is the ultimate record
he earned australia’s highest honor
university doctorate was his academic honor
captain’s medal was his military honor
even criteria are altered
to make him honored( bharat ratna:) )
he stands at sydney
sculpted in wax
his chequered flag
waved at the tracks
his heart should have
skipped a beat
when his role model
touched his feet
his challenge on hogg
displays confidence
his triple ton in childhood
portrays patience
practice,passion and perfection
is his life’s lesson in essence
twenty years he happily bore
the belief of billion fans
on a rough rode he rightfully rode
evading criticism and pranks
whole world unites to
watch him wield the bat
his feat is beyond reach
this is an undeniable fact
Of India’s brightest stars
he has the golden glow
TRPs will take a blow
when he stops his show
we rejoiced and suffered
in his every highs and lows
to your life or cricket(both are same: ) )
we take a bow!
its a gods gift to be a genius
a nation’s gift to have a genius
we all are gifted to watch the genius
who inspires us to success
I hereby offer my tribute to u
oh legendary Sachin
In my heart body and soul
your legacy will ever live in!
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