That Memorable Birthday- 2 April 2011

The morning of 2nd April was special. Waking up, the first thought that struck me was India “is” winning the World Cup today and not India “will” win. It was a firm belief. After some moments passed by I realized, it was my birthday as well.
I’ve been waiting for this day for 8 yrs when I first saw a world cup, the 2003 WC. India missed out in the finals coz S.Tendulkar made only 4 runs as I thought then. I was only 7.After that we lost 2007 WC as well.

Then I felt that with Sachin’s guidance and MS Dhoni’s captainship, India will sure win the next one. After a year, I came 282927_507980505890314_366257824_nto know that the WC 2011 was on my bday. For 3 long yrs I carried on with the steady belief and waited for the day.
At last when it came, everyone who wished me asked, What’s the program? the obvious answer was “C’mon, its match day!” I never felt so thrilled, happy or tensed ever on a bday, not even on result’s day. Somehow I missed the toss and criticized the authorities for the toss tussle. On the field, Sachin Tendulkar’s lively chat and cheers of “sachiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin, sachiiiin!!” were enough to make the day festive.SL made a tough target but as long as Sachin was there all is fine. The coming up of Sehwag  and Tendulkar in the field assured me of India’s win but it was short-lived. Sehwag got out early, then Tendulkar on just 18.I was about to cut my cake at that moment but what I did was cry and cry only. I hardly gulped in the cake and sadly didn’t watch Gambhir and Virat’s important partnership.I was so depressed with the notion of “Sachin out, India out” that I missed some of their classic shots. When MS entered the field  after Virat got out, many were shocked –I was “not”.

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I understood his intuitions were up to something (India’s win).When Gauti got out, I cried out loud, “Is this how you (Indian team) are going to win, can’t you do it for India and Sachin?” but deep inside I knew India or I should say WE were winning, question was how?? And that ultimate six from MS Dhoni  with Ravi Shastri’s voice cheering” He’s done it, India have won the WC after 28 yrs- The party begins in the Indian dressing  room !!” , finally got me my senses back. BUT where was Sachin Tendulkar? I was not able to find him on the screen and there he came running and smiling (utterly satisfied) to hug Dhoni. The Capt. Cool was not cool, he was full of emotions; Yuvi wasn’t the angry man, he was crying; Bhajji wasn’t aggressive, he was sentimental; Virat-Raina-Yusuf weren’t just excited but entirely elated carrying Sachin on their shoulders, Gautam-Zaheer-Sehwag-Nehra-Ashwin-Munaf had all DONE it. Kirsten was satisfied. SachinTendulkar had at last achieved his much cherished, principal and awaited dream on my birthday:-my important day meant something for him and other champs, I was and am honored!

Thanks Indian team for keeping up my belief, thanks mum and dad to tell me of such sport, thanks Sachin Tendulkar for always inspiring me and billions other to BELIEVE in dreams.
I love 2nd April !!

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